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Retreat Location


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Only on Magical Kaua‘i


Retreat Location

Our Retreat Center can be found on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

Located in the center of Hoopi’i Falls, Mt. Kalalea, the Makaleha Mountains, and Mt. Waialeale, the Hawaii Holistic Retreat is the chalice of hidden ancient knowledge of universal wisdom and gate for the new era of self-realization. At our Retreat Center, home of Aya and her family, you will be provided with comfortable accommodation in a serene, natural, vegan/vegetarian environment. All retreats feature a nutritional consultation and we strongly insist you follow our dietary recommendations during the course of your stay. Retreats that include a meal plan are noted in the retreat description, otherwise meal options are available for purchase. We invite you to embark on your transformational journey on the Garden Isle where you will experience the mysterious energies that motivate your life to blossom. Aloha!

Discover the Magic of Kauai

The island of Kauai provides extraordinary opportunities to connect with nature and find healing in communion with the elements. Here we can feel the earth vibrate beneath our bare feet, the warm sun kiss our cheeks, and the soft breeze touch our skin. The island is surrounded by purified healing waters where we immerse ourselves in the endless waves. Kauai’s amazing diversity of plants and creatures serve to renew our appreciation of the natural world, reminding us to recognize the beauty of life in all forms. As part of your time on the island, you will visit some of the sacred sites of Kauai for more than sight seeing. We will use these sites as catalysts for reflection and insight, letting their power and ancient mystery invoke deep introspection in our journey of healing and self-realization. Kauai is the perfect place to breathe deeply and open to the grace of conscious awakening.

Local Points of Interest

Kauai: Also known as the Garden Isle, Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. Originally, Kauai and Niihau were one.

Hoopi’i Falls: A magical set of several waterfalls and enchanted fairy forests.

Kalalea: This majestic mountain is in the form of a female creature giving birth. According to local spiritual tradition, all souls enter Earth through Kalalea in the East and leave through Polihale in the West.

Makaleha: Like her sister, Waialeale, Makaleha lies in the form of a sleeping maiden, overlooking the East and offering Earth’s greatest gift – water.

Waialeale: This central mountain created the entire island of Kauai and is the source of all Mana (life force or spiritual power).


Every Aya Divine Love Retreat Includes:


To and from the Lihue, Kaua‘i Airport


Stay in the Sacred Shamanic Spaces of Aya Divine Love
Accommodation Details


Organic seasonal local fruits and vegan foods included


All of the above workshops PLUS Shamanic tours of magical waterfalls, heiaus (Hawaiian temples) and a trip to Waimea Canyon & Kokee State Park

Choose from These Possible Retreat Dates

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